Advice for 1st year trainees

Welcome to the exciting world of infectious diseases and clinical microbiology. If you are reading this, it’s because you’re interested in applying for a training position or are looking to the future. Below are a few ideas of how to approach the process (mostly from the recruiters themselves).

Training and Accreditation

  • Have a look at training requirements on the RACP and/or RCPA websites
  • Check with RACP and RCPA regarding the accreditation status of your intended hospital as this is changing all the time

Finding a position

  • Join ASID and subscribe to Ozbug and the Trainee Indranet email discussion groups, for resources and advertising of positions.
  • Update your CV and get a colleague to proof read it
  • Consider a training job in General Medicine at your chosen centre and then show your enthusiasm to the Infectious Diseases department (although again there are no guarantees!)
  • Remember, sometimes positions become available through the year.

    Before you apply

  • Contact heads of department and trainees currently employed ahead of time, if you intend to apply for a position (particularly in a centralised match)
  • If there is no reply to an email request for information, please contact the relevant department by phone. The number and nature of positions may vary from what’s indicated.
  • It is always advantageous to attend interviews in person.
  • Participating in a match doesn’t guarantee you a job. It is wise to explore a number of different options in the case that you don’t get an opportunity in your state of first choice. It is important to apply widely (including interstate and overseas!)

    Useful Links

  • Gorgas online cases

  • Infection Prevention and Control Online Modules

  • Easy Dermatology

  • Mycology Online