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Media Releases

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14 November 2016 - Antibiotic Awareness Week: NPS Medicinewise & ASID Spokesperson A/Prof Katie Flanagan - Antibiotic Resistance: Here and Now

07 November 2016 - ASID President Cheryl Jones on ASMR's Deloitte Access Economics report: "This is an important report. It highlights the cost of "doing nothing". In contrast a small increase in HSE investment to 3% will result in a large, almost 60 billion dollar return on investment. The benefits will be shown in increased HMR workforce and health and wellbeing in Australia. This is a call to action for further investment into health and medical research". See ASMR's media release here

04 November 2016 - ASID and the RACP highlight urgent need to tackle antibiotic resistance in New Zealand

26 September 2016 - Call for rural health workers to be on alert for deadly brain disease in children.

23 September 2016 - Companion animals are potential reservoirs of Q Fever

22 September 2016 - Q Fever Crusader Winner of Barrie Marmion Zoonoses Award

21 September 2016 - International spotlight on Australia's neglected diseases;
Closing the Gap on tropical infections in Australia’s Indigenous Children.

20 September 2016 - ASID welcomes government funding for The Global Fund to fight Aids TB and Malaria

9 September 2016 - Joint Media Release: ASID and ACIPC support FDA ruling on over-the-counter antibacterial soaps.

21 April 2016 - Joint Media Release: ASID and Doherty Institute: New recommendations aim to provide equitable healthcare for refugees - Obtain the ASID/RHeaNA 2016 recommendations here.

18 April 2016 - Re emergence of old diseases spark Superbug fears

15 April 2016 - Scientists call for action on tropical diseases

20 June 2015, World Refugee Day - ASID unites with health groups to ask for gag on doctors to be lifted.

Position Statements

ASID council periodically produces position statements which are ratified by ASID members. Please click on the links below to view ASID position statements:

November 2016 - ASID EVOLVE Top 5 Low Value Interventions.

September 2015 - ASID lobbies for the listing of new Hep C medicines.

May 2015 - ASID endorses RACP Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health Position Statement

June 2011 - ASID (HICSIG) / AICA Position Statement: Preventing catheter-associated urinary tract infections in patients (Healthcare Infection)

February 2011 - ASID (HICSIG) / AICA Position Statement: Infection Control Guidelines for Patients with Clostridium difficile Infection in Healthcare Settings (Healthcare Infection)

February 2011 - Antibiotic resistance is an emerging threat to public health: an urgent call to action

October 2009 - ASID (HICSIG) position statement: infection control guidelines for patients with influenza-like illnesses, including pandemic (H1N1) influenza 2009, in Australian health care facilities