Privacy Policy

The Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases (ASID) Inc. complies with new, national privacy legislation, The Australian Privacy Principles (APPPs) effective March 2014 under Privacy Regulation 2013.

Personal information, as defined by the Act, about Members, Applicants for Membership or individuals submitting an abstract will only be handled and used in accordance with the Privacy Regulation 2013. Such information will be used only for the purposes collected and will not be passed on to a Third Party without the express permission of the individual concerned. Any Third Party with whom information may be shared must have a complying privacy policy and must undertake to use that personal information for the stated purpose only and not for any secondary purpose.

ASID does not, under any circumstances, sell or disclose members' information to third parties. Anyone wishing to contact ASID members must advise the ASID office in writing on and messages will be forwarded.

Personal and sensitive information already submitted by this date or collected after this date will be regarded as confidential and will be disclosed ONLY under the following conditions:

For Members, applicants for Membership and abstract submitters:

  • for the purposes of processing Membership application;
  • for purposes of sending renewal notices of annual subscriptions;
  • for purposes of advising date and agenda of Annual General Meeting;
  • for purposes of identifying status as Member or Applicant for Membership of ASID;
  • for the purposes of processing an abstract submission;
  • for purposes of promoting scientific meeting(s), in particular ASID’s Annual Scientific Meeting or other ASID-organised meetings;
  • for purposes of forwarding educational information;
  • inclusion in the Directory of Members;
  • to other ASID Members for a purpose approved by ASID Council;
  • for any purpose deemed of interest to Members by ASID Council;


a) It is not possible to become a Member of ASID without providing the personal information requested;

b) Not all information relating to an individual is defined as "personal" under the Act. Personal information is that which identifies or reasonably identifies an individual;

Those who have provided personal information will have access to ASID's record of their personal information.

Personal information, as defined by the legislation, about Members, Applicants or individuals submitting abstracts may only be provided if the person has authorised ASID Council to provide it for a purpose covered by the authority given.

ASID Council requires parties who request personal information to apply in writing, stating the purpose for its use, to declare that it will not be used for any secondary purpose, and that it has a complying privacy policy. If ASID Council assesses the request as being of value to its Members, it will only meet such requests in respect of those Members who authorise ASID Council to do so.

Members are entitled to check the accuracy of their personal details at any time and update to ensure that they are complete, accurate and up-to-date. Members may access their information by logging in to their secure password-protected account.

ASID takes members' privacy very seriously and any member who considers a breach of privacy has occurred should contact ASID council immediately. Messages will be forwarded from the ASID office.

Members may unsubscribe from E Bulletins containing marketing material for ASID conferences or related conferences or educational material deemed suitable by ASID Council, job opportunities, advertising of ASID awards or third party prizes but must agree to receive renewal notices of annual subscription and notification of Annual General Meeting.