Newsletters and Annual Reports

ASID ASIDES Quarterly Newsletter

ASID Members receive ASID ASIDES, quarterly newsletters with articles on ASID updates, ID Events, Member activities and Member research. Click here

ASID ASIDES 40th Anniversary Edition

There is also a 40th Anniversary edition of ASIDES available in print, free of charge to members and available for download free of charge to non-members. This special edition looks back on 40 years of ASID through the eyes of several Past Presidents and Eminent Members. Click here.

ASID e-News/Events Updates

ASID members also receive weekly E News or ASID Events Updates. The bulletins provide the latest in ASID and ID news including: recently published guidelines/ endorsements, special interest group updates, opportunity to provide your feedback, expressions of interest for ASID Council and sub-committees, job opportunities and events updates. If you are a member, you can find the E News and Events Updates in your email inbox. If you are having any difficulties or would like to change your email address, please email the ASID office here.

Annual Reports

Read about ASID's achievements year by year, including the Presidents Report, Honorary Secretary's Report, Honorary Treasurers Report and the audited accounts here.