The Trainee representative to ASID for 2016/2018 is
Dr Olivia Smibert


The Trainees group is made up of ASID Associate members who are involved in training with either the RACP or the RCPA. As the Infectious Diseases specialty society working with the two colleges, ASID offers a number of initiatives to it's Trainees.

Trainee Resources

Advice for 1st year prospective Trainees is available in Trainee Resources. Click here.


Want to get a message out to other trainees? Have you joined Indranet? It's an email list like Ozbug, but trainee run where you can ask questions, post jobs or other info.

Go to yahoo.com, click Groups on the left hand side, then search for Indranet and then click "Join Group". Your membership will then be activated shortly thereafter.

Alternatively, try the link below!


Unfortunately yahoogroups have recently changed and require a yahoo email address to sign up. However, after you have signed up you can change your preferred email address to receive the feed. Follow these instructions: