The Australasian Society of Infectious Diseases Clinical Research Network (ASID CRN) is a sub-committee of ASID. Membership is free and open to all ASID members.

The ASID CRN is managed by a Steering Committee that holds quarterly meetings, along with an annual face-to-face meeting. Members of the Steering Committee represent a wide range of constituencies including most states and territories and representatives from ASID's special interest groups.

Steering Committee Members:

Chair - Prof Allen Cheng - VIC

Deputy Chair - Dr. Steve Tong - NT 

Prof David Paterson - QLD - Past Chair

Dr. Tony Walls  - NZ

Dr. Asha Bowen - WA

Prof Debbie Marriott - NSW

Dr Laurens Manning - WA

Dr Natasha Holmes - US 

Dr Damon Eisen - QLD

Dr Anna Ralph - NT

Dr Andrew Stewardson - VIC

The Leaders of the Working Groups are also ex-officio members of the Steering Committee.