PHD Opportunities

If you have a project for a PhD student ready to go next year, then please write a one A4 page summary. This will be put up at the ASID CRN meeting. If you are a registrar or young (or even old) consultant thinking about starting a PhD, this a great opportunity to think about some options, and talk to potential supervisors at ASID.

For those wanting to submit ads: Please use the template, (download template
HERE), do not exceed 1 A4 page, and send the ad to, cc: to Josh Davis -

Please note: these opportunities are open to all projects in the ID community, not just the CRN research.

Current PhD Opportunities

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Project topic/keywords Deadline
Malaysia Prof Nicholas Anstey

Effect of paracetamol on kidney injury in Plasmodium knowlesi malaria

Darwin, NT Prof Ric Price Plasmodium vivax malaria  
Kogarah, NSW Prof Stephen Krilis beta 2 Glycoprotein I in cerebral malaria  
Melbourne, VIC Dr Caroline Marshall

Infection mgmt and antimicrobial prescribing in aged care

Darwin, NT Dr Josh Davis Clinical and Molecular Epidemiology of HBV in northern Australia  
Perth, WA Dr C Waddington

Interventional studies to improve vaccination coverage and timeliness

Sydney, NSW Dr Matt O'Sullivan Discovering genomic markers of transmission of Staph aureus  
Mawson Lakes, Adelaide Dr Bryan Coad

Understanding the mechanisms for combating fungal biofilms on surfaces

Sabah, Malaysia Dr Bridget Barber

Epidemiology, clinical features, and pathogenesis of Plasmodium knowlesi

Darwin, NT

Dr Josh Davis

Molecular epidemiology of Acinetobacter in northern Australia

Darwin/lab Melbourne Dr Steven Tong

Influenza in Indigenous populations – epidemiology and immunology

Geelong/Melbourne Dr Dave Burgner Early life infection burden and cardiovascular phenotype Details TBC