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Dr Kerry Read, FRACP
NZ Chair

Who is Who in New Zealand

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Who's Who in New Zealand - Updated Oct 2014


NZbug is an email network for those interested in infectious diseases and microbiology in New Zealand.

There are about 120 New Zealanders on this email network, mainly Infectious Diseases Specialists, Microbiologists, Laboratory Scientists, Paediatricians with an interest in Infectious Diseases and Registrars. There is a scattering of other members. No-one from the Pharmaceutical, Laboratory supply or any other profit-based industry is a member of the network.

To send an email to the network, address it to nzbug@nmhs.govt.nz.

All emails are moderated by Dr Richard Everts (Infectious Diseases Specialist and Microbiologist, Nelson Hospital).

Further details are available here.