The ANZPID journal club is a great resource for all of us ASID/ANZPID members and we invite you to participate. Articles of interest that you have recently read, have presented in a local journal club or that have really changed your practice in the past few months would all be welcome! There are no limitations to the scope of the journal club, other than relevance to paediatric infectious diseases colleagues. Trainees are encouraged to be the leaders in this process.It is an excellent opportunity for trainees to participate in an international journal club and is a great way to stay in touch with what our colleagues are reading.

How to submit to the Journal Club

Please click here to see the roster and note when your site is due to submit. Each site has a co-ordinator who should ensure their colleagues are ready to post a submission by the 15th day of their nominated month. All submissions should be sent to Nan.Vasilunas@health.sa.gov.au or ameneh.khatami@gmail.com Submissions will then be uploaded to the ANZPID and main ASID journal club web pages.

Submission Guidelines

Prepare one paragraph to summarise the impact of the article, including the main findings and your take home message. Each posting should include the link to the Pubmed listing and use the format below:

Background (2 - 3 lines)
Summary of Main Findings (2 - 3 lines)
Implications for practice/opinion/conclusions (2 - 3 lines)
Link to Pubmed

If the journal is not open access, ideally include a PDF.

Click here to see previous Journal Club submissions or simply scroll down and click on the links below.