A/Prof Penelope Bryant, FRACP


The Australian and New Zealand Paediatric Infectious Diseases Group (ANZPID)is the paediatric speciality interest group of ASID. It is a focus group that aims to promote child health in the field of paediatric infectious diseases.


Information exchange

To function as a focus group to promote the exchange of infomation and ideas among people with a special interest in paediatric infectious diseases.


To provide further education in the field of paediatric infectious diseases through the organisation of annual meetings, symposia at the annual ASID conference and communication of important paediatric infectious diseases updates. To foster publication of scientific proceedings and other materials including reviews and clinical guidelines.


To foster and promote collaborative research among group member institutions. To highlight existing and new research opportunities in the field of paediatric infectious diseases.


To voice an collective opinion and advocate on issues of importance to children with infectious diseases, including, but not limited to, their inclusion in policy, guidelines and funding opportunities. ANZPID also acts as an advisory group to represent and advocate for paediatric infectious diseases in national professional committees or forums.

Interaction with other PID societies

ANZPID seeks to engage with other PID societies at regular international meetings and other events to facilitate meaningful cross talk and collaboration related to paediatric infectious diseases.