Dr Krispin Hajkowicz, FRACP


The Viral Hepatitis Special Interest Group (VHSIG) provides a forum for ASID members that have clinical and/or research interests in viral hepatitis.

Membership of the VHSIG is open to anybody who is a financial full or associate member of ASID. ASID members can opt to be VHSIG members by sending an email to the VHSIG Secretary via the ASID office at admin@asid.net.au.

Workforce development

The VHSIG works to encourage more infectious diseases physicians and trainees to become involved in viral hepatitis in clinical and research capacities. This involves the development of training courses and workshops for advanced trainees and physicians, the inclusion of viral hepatitis content in the ASID annual scientific meeting and by facilitating clinical placements and training positions.


VHSIG promotes the exchange of information and ideas among physicians and others with a special interest in viral hepatitis. OzHep is an email discussion group, similar to OzBug, but about viral hepatitis. OzHep is a joint initiative of the ASID VHSIG and also the ALA (Australian Liver Association). Membership is open to health care workers involved in clinical, research or laboratory aspects of viral hepatitis management. To join OzHep, simply send an email to:



VHSIG members are called on to participate in relevant public policy development and national initiatives. VHSIG closely collaborates with the Australasian Society for HIV Medicine, the Australian Liver Association and other stakeholders to meet common policy, clinical and educational objectives.

The VHSIG also actively participates in and supports the Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference on behalf of ASID as a collaborating organisation.