MIDG Presentations & Recordings

The Melbourne Infectious Diseases Group (MIDG) was established in 1985 to share information and promote contacts among those working in the field of infectious diseases in Melbourne. Starting simply as fireside meetings in the doctors’ sitting room at Fairfield Hospital, the MIDG is now a fortnightly breakfast meeting with approximately 40–50 people attending regularly. Its focus has remained the presentation of clinical histories of patients, and it forms an important component of the training of microbiologists and physicians specialising in infectious diseases.

Meetings start at 7:30am on alternative Tuesdays, at Epworth Hospital, Bridge Road, Richmond, 1st Floor auditorium, light breakfast provided.

MIDG also hosts Forbes Week, an annual event with a series of talks including one visiting International Fellow.
This years Forbes week will be held from 30 Oct 2017 at several different hospitals in Melbourne.To see the 2017 case report calendar
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A summary of the cases presented in 2016 can be found here.

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