Educational Activities

  • Organisation of ANZMIG Program at the Annual ASID meetings in conjunction with the other SIGs and ASID program committee.
  • Organisation of Clinical Mycology Symposium at the Annual ASM meetings, in conjunction with the Chair of Division 1 of the ASM National Scientific Advisory Committee.
  • Organisation and Administration of the second-yearly Master Class program in Mycology,
  • Organisation and administration of ad hoc state or national meetings in medical mycology
  • Invitation to Advanced trainees in Infectious Diseases/Microbiology to present their work at the ANZMIG committee meetings
  • Contribution to program development of other ad hoc educational meetings involving Mycology.

Education Presentations are available to ASID members only. Please click HERE to access and you will need to be logged in. Titles and dates of recent presentations are listed below.

September 2 2016

Tales of Burgeoning Mycotic Maladies in India Peralam Prakash

Antifungal Susceptibility of Non-­‐Aspergillus Moulds Catriona Halliday

Emergence of Cladophialophora arxii as a human pathogen Anna Brischetto

A cryptogenic cough Timothy Gray

February 12 2016

The emergence of Anncaliia algerae microsporidial myositis Matthew Watts

Cryptococcal Adventures in Brazil Wieland Meyer

November 6 2015

A Formidable Fungus Adam Bartlett

Photodynamic Treatment of Trichophyton rubrum Jessica Houang

Body Building Gone Wrong Gar-Hing Lee

August 7 2015

From little things big things grow Zoe Jennings

More than Madura Olivia Smibert

Improving outcomes: the role of data analytics for invasive fungal diseases Michelle Ananda-Rajah

March 6 2015

Can It? It Can. It Did CanDida Daniel Yeoh​

The New Woman in Town Bianca Graves​

October 17 2014

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Caitlin Keighley

The Valley of the Shadow of Death Karin Lim

The Flaws in the Spores Melissa Kelly

July 4 2014

An unexpected find Ramona Muttucumaru

An unusual infection brewing Michael Birrell

Between a rock and a hard place Ann Hofmeyr

February 19 2014

One of everything, please Alistair Reid

Antifungal pharmacogenomics Jason Trubianio

Baby M Nan Vasilunas

November 15 2013

Antifungal surfaces Bryan Coad

The never ending story Nan Vasilunas

A curse not a blessing Indy Sandaradura

July 12 2013

A febrile returned traveller Sarah Sparham

Hampered by historical paradigms Brad Gardiner

A single centre experience with posaconazole TDM Nick Hewitt

March 1 2013

Beautiful and Mysterious Krispin Hajkowicz

Where did that come from Josh Francis

A bet both ways Elaine Cheong

December 6 2012

Cryptococcus gattii outcomes Sharon Chen

A rare and emerging infection Kavita Rasiah

Mucormycosis of the Platypus & Amphibians Joanne Connolly

August 31 2012

A case of abdominal pain in a paediatric patient Anita Campbell

That time it was the zebra Heather Wilson

Candida in the ICU Geoffrey Playford

June 1 2012

Gastrointestinal Mucormycosis Marianne Martinello

Fungal Infection in the setting of building works Alistair Reid

Cryptococcus Lateral Flow Assay Brendan McMullan

Feb 3 2012

A Glass Heart Brendan McMullan

Meningitis in a returned traveller Shradha Subedi

ASPID Trial Results Orla Morrissey

Mycology Master Class VI 2013

The most recent Mycology Masterclass was held from Oct 31 – Nov 2 2013, at Mantra Salt Beach, Kingscliff NSW.

This is an advanced medical mycology course for specialists and trainees in Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, Haematology,Respiratory Medicine & Intensive Care Medicine and Laboratory Scientists & Technicians specialising in Medical Mycology

These Master Class meetings are in a variety of locations every two years.

Master Class I 2003
Master Class II 2005
Master Class III 2007
Master Class IV 2009
Master Class V 2011