Current Studies

2016 Studies Watch List!

  • MERINO 1 trial - RCT of meropenem vs. piperacillin/tazobactam for bacteraemia due to ESBL or AmpC producing E. coli or Klebsiella. (ANZCTR - ACTRN12613000532707; -NCT02176122). Please contact Dr. Patrick Harris, or Tiffany Harris-Brown for further details.

  • PIANO study - Observational study of prosthetic joint infections. Sites will be asked to prospectively collect data on all PJIs presenting to their hospital over a two year period - follow up data will be collected at 3,12, and 24 months. Please contact Dr. Josh Davis or Dr. Laurens Manning for further details.

  • CAMERA-2 - RCT of combination therapy versus monotherapy for MRSA bloodstream infections. Please contact Dr. Josh Davis or Dr. Steve Tong for further details.

  • MERINO-2 trial - RCT of meropenem vs. piperacillin/tazobactam for bacteraemia due to Enterobacter, Serratia, Citrobacter freundii etc. Please contact Dr. Patrick Harris for further details.

  • Re-PAUSE - RCT of ultrashort course intravenous antibiotics vs. standard therapy for E. coli bacteraemia of urinary tract origin. Please contact Dr. Ben Rogers for further details.

  • Pneumocystis study - Prospective observational study on Pneumocystis infections regarding diagnostic methods and the molecular epidemiology within Australia and New Zealand. Please contact Dr. Louise Cooley for further details.

*If you have a study idea that you would like the ASID CRN to consider for endorsement, please contact any of the Steering Committee members. Alternatively, you can contact Tiffany Harris-Brown, the ASID CRN secretariat, at

Research Priorities

The primary focus of our clinician-initiated research is to answer problems of direct clinical relevance. Additionally, the impact of clinician-focused research within the ASID CRN is aimed at improving direct patient outcomes, facilitating physician effectiveness and providing valuable cost-savings to the health care system.

Research Priority-Working Groups:

  • Gram Negative Infections (GN group chaired by Prof. David Paterson and Prof. Anton Peleg)

  • Diabetic Foot Infections Australia and New Zealand (DeFIANZ, chaired by Dr Rob Commons)

  • Prosthetic joint Infections/Native Joint Infections (PJI/NJI chaired by Dr. Josh Davis)

  • Staphylococcus aureus Bacteraemia (SAB group chaired by Assoc./Prof. Ben Howden and Dr. Steve Tong)

  • Opportunistic Infections (OI group chaired by Dr. Louise Cooley)

  • XDR/MDR Tuberculosis (XDR/MDR TB group chaired by Dr. Anna Ralph)

  • Encephalitis (Encephalitis group chaired by Prof. Cheryl Jones