An online discussion forum is available for ANZPID members. The Forum is used to disseminate updates and members can make their own posts and hold Ozbug-style conversations.

Join the Forum

Click HERE to access and join the Forum.

Join the conversation!

Forum members can create their own post, answer an existing post, or follow individual members. You can choose whether to receive new posts from this group via email, or disable the emails and just visit this site from time to time, to see what discussions are taking place. You can edit these preferences within the forum itself.

Will my posts be emailed to Forum members?

All new posts will be emailed to all members who have elected to receive posts notifications via email. Replies to existing posts will not be emailed. If you want to reply to an existing post and you want members to be notified via email, then please put your reply in a new post.

All posts are intended to be confidential and can only be seen by other ASID members. If you are in doubt on whether your post might be appropriate, please contact the ASID office at