International Travel Awards

Applications closed.

The International Travel Awards provide support for ID or Microbiology trainees to attend an international infectious diseases meeting.


All advanced trainees who are training in infectious diseases or microbiology with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) or the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) and who have ASID Associate membership, are eligible to apply (except previous winners). Submissions are judged on the basis of trainees previous year's Project Report, submitted to the RACP or RCPA. This year there are 3 International Travel Awards available.

Applicants must advise the secretariat if they receive any other funding for this trip before or during their application.


Awardees will receive up to $3,500 in reimbursements, to support their attendance at an international infectious diseases meeting. Reimbursements include an economy class return airfare (one per each award), accommodation, and registration. Receipts will be required to claim reimbursement of actual expenses and currency of each claim should be clarified.


Applicants should email the following to :

  • letter of application;
  • current CV;
  • copy of previous year’s Project Report submitted to RACP or RCPA;
  • a statement, signed by the supervisor, outlining the contribution of the trainee to the project.

Previous Winners

2016 Caitlin Keighley and Susan Harch
2015 Ameneh Khatami and Jason Trubiano
2014 Brad Gardiner and Tim Gray
2013 Suman Majumdar and Benjamin Teh
2012 Kathryn Daveson and Paul Griffin
2011* Michelle Balm and Joseph Doyle *(Astra Zeneca withdrew from former Astra Zeneca award)
2010 Krispin Hajkowicz
2009 Justin Denholm
2008 Katherine Gibney
2007 Monica Lahra and Steven Tong
2006 Irani Ratnam
2005 Anton Peleg