ASM Best Poster Award

Submissions open!


The ASID Annual Scientific Meeting Best Poster Award 2017 will be chosen from posters presented by ASID financial Full or Associate members at the Annual Scientific Meeting 2017 (29 March - 1 April, Blue Mountains) . Following the response at previous conferences, ASID Council has decided to offer 4 awards for the 2017 conference in different categories or topics. (This number can vary according to how many posters are received). These awards will be determined by selecting several posters for a brief oral presentation during the Meeting. Previous winners may not apply. Click here for abstract submission information.

The judging panel will consist of a small group of senior delegates who have no association with the posters.

One of the 4 poster prizes will be a paediatrics-related poster.


The value of each of the 2017 ASID Annual Scientific Meeting Best Poster Awards is $1,000 and will be awarded at the Annual Scientific Meeting 2017.

Previous Winners

2016 Richard Everts, Te-Yu Hung
2015 Susan Morpeth, Philip Britton
2014 Allen Cheng, Uma Devi, Caitlin Keighley, Sophie Wen - (ANZPID)
2013 Ben Cowie, Melanie Figtree, Marianne Martinello
2012 Bridget Barber, James McMahon