History of ASID

The Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases (ASID) Inc. is an independent organisation, founded in Melbourne in 1976, by an eminent group of physicians, pathologists and scientists. ASID has grown significantly over the decades, and now has a membership of over 800, including a broad range of human and animal health professionals, scientists and researchers.

ASID has just celebrated it's 40th Anniversary. Click here to see highlights so far.

In celebration of this milestone, ASID has put together a special 40th Anniversary publication detailing ASID's history, all the way from 1976 until the present. Authors include founding members and past presidents.

This publication is available free of charge in print to ASID members and in digital form to non-members. Click here.

ASID Presidents: From the founding of the society to the present

2015 - Present Prof Cheryl Jones
2012 - 2014 A/Prof David Looke
2009 - 2011 A/ Prof Tom Gottlieb
2006 - 2008 Prof Lindsay Grayson
2003 - 2005 A/Prof Philip Jones
2000 - 2002 A/Prof Joe McCormack
1997 - 1999 Prof Lyn Gilbert
1995 - 1996 Prof Richard Benn
1992 - 1994 Dr Richard Kemp
1989 - 1991 Prof Tania Sorrell
1986 - 1988 A/Prof Ian Gust
1984 - 1985 Dr William Langsford
1982 - 1983 Prof Barrie Marmion
1979 - 1981 Prof Clem Boughton
1977 - 1978 Dr John Forbes

ASID Honorary Life Members

ASID Honorary Life Membership is awarded to all MacFarlane Burnet Speakers and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to ASID. Read more about the MacFarlane Burnet Oration here.

Prof Alison Holmes Dr Karl Johnson
Prof Amalio Telenti Prof Katherine O Brien
Dr Bryan Speed Prof Kevin Marsh
Prof Clem Boughton Prof Lindsay Grayson
Prof Daniel Sexton Prof Lyn Gilbert
Dr David Denning Prof Malcolm Jones
Prof David Durack Dr Michael Alpers
A/Prof David Ellis Dr Morton Swartz
Prof David Freedman Prof Nick White
Prof David Isaacs Dr Richard Benn
Prof Dilip Nathwani Prof Richard Wallace
Dr Eduardo Gotuzzo Dr Roderick Ellis- Pegler
Prof Graham Mitchell Prof Samuel Katz
Sir Gustav Nossal Prof Scott Hammer
Prof Ian Gust Dr Steven Holland
Prof Jack Remington Prof Tania Sorrell
Prof John McGowan Prof Thierry Calandra
Prof John Mills Prof Victor Yu
A/Prof Joseph McCormack Prof William Craig