ASID Representatives on Committees

ASID has a process to appoint representatives on external committees. Click here.



Date Appointed

NSW Intravenous Immunoglobulin User Group

Prof Andrew Lloyd

Communicable Diseases Network of Australia (CDNA)

A/Prof Rhonda Stuart

July 2015

Aust. Commission for Safety & Quality in Healthcare,
Healthcare Infection Advisory Committee

Dr Eugene Athan

Aust. Commission for Safety & Quality Healthcare,
Paediatric Committee

Dr Julia Clark


"Australian Prescriber"

Dr Ashley Watson

Department of Health and Ageing: Antimicrobial
Resistance Subcommittee (AMRSC)

A/Prof David Looke

NZ Healthcare Associated Infections Governance
Group (HAIGG)

Dr Michelle Balm
Dr Arthur Morris

Mar 2015

SOMANZ "Sepsis in Pregnancy and Postpartum"
guideline development working group

A/Prof Michelle Giles

Apl 2015

Internal Medicine Journal Editorial Committee

Dr David Gordon

National HCV Standards and Accreditation Committee

Dr Krispin Hajkowicz

Apr 2015

Communicable Diseases Intelligence Editorial Advisory Committee

Prof Mark Ferson

Sept 2015

ASHM Contact Tracing Manual Review Committee

Dr Catherine Streeton

Nov 2015-
Apr 2016

NZ National Antimicrobial Steering Group

Dr David Holland

Jan 2016

National Project Advisory Group for the Refugee Heath Practice Guide

Dr Nadia Chaves

June 2016

NSW Health Scope of Clinical Practice Unit on Infectious Diseases Dr Patricia Ferguson December 2016
NSW Health Scope of Clinical Practice Unit on Paediatric Infectious Diseases Dr Philip Britton
Dr Pamela Palasanthiran
December 2016
VICNISS Healthcare Associated Infection Surveillance Coordinating Centre Advisory Committee (VICNISS Advisory Committee – VAC) Dr Andrew Stewardson March 2017

Representatives on RACP Committees:

Representatives on RACP Committees:

RACP Adult Medicine Division Council

Prof Cheryl Jones

Infectious Diseases JSAC

A/Prof Joshua Davis