Aims of the Society

The Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases (ASID) Inc. is an independent organisation, founded in Melbourne in 1976 by an eminent group of physicians, pathologists and scientists.

The aims of the society are to:

  1. Advance postgraduate education in infectious diseases in Australasia and internationally;
  2. Promote research in all aspects of infectious diseases; and
  3. Advocate for sound and evidence-based public health policy in matters related to infectious diseases.

Membership encompasses Infectious Diseases Physicians, Clinical Microbiologists, Scientists, Infection Control Practitioners, Public Health Physicians, Sexual Health Physicians, Veterinarians and others eminent in the field of infectious diseases. ASID has constituted several Special Interest Groups which bring together members with interests in Paediatric infections, Hospital Infection Control, Mycology and Viral Hepatitis. It has also established a Clinical Research Network and a New Zealand Committee.

To join, you need 2 referees who are ASID Full Members. To apply for membership see